How should I represent the main method (java) using UML?

I have three classes: Bridge, Main and Car. I have no idea about how to include the main method in my UML representation. Should I list all the attributes...as well as the main method?

The main method does: - a bit of calculation - instantiate the other two classes

I would draw the Main, this way:

--------------------------- Main --------------------------- --------------------------- + main(String[] args): void ---------------------------

Is that correct? Thanks


Your drawing is good, you just need to underline the main method to show that it is static. I think that you should model it since it shows that this class is one entry point to the system (there may be more).


you don't need to include main method in your UML and also as I remember, you should put all the members and methods that are present in your class except the main method. Since the main method is somewhat a given already


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