Select Collada objects by mouse Click in Three.JS

I need to select Collada objects in Three.JS by mouse click. I know that I can select object based on their id and I saw some samples that user can interact with Geometry defined objects (here). But I need to have access to the objects in Collada format.


Assuming that dae_scene is a COLLADA scene returned from the ColladaLoader, here's what you can do to check for intersection:

var toIntersect = []; THREE.SceneUtils.traverseHierarchy(dae_scene, function (child) { if (child instanceof THREE.Mesh) { toIntersect.push(child); } });

This gets all Mesh objects inside the COLLADA scene. You can then use that array to look for ray intersections, like this:

var ray = new THREE.Ray( camera.position, vector.subSelf( camera.position ).normalize() ); var intersects = ray.intersectObjects( toIntersect );


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