Angular-cli component generator generate additional files

Is there a way to override the default behavior of the

ng generate component

command? In addition to the files that this command creates by default, I am wanting to have it generate a nested folder and several files within that folder inside the component that is created.


Additional files are generated using additional commands. You can find a reference to it on https://github.com/angular/angular-cli

You can find all possible blueprints in the table below:

+-----------+---------------------------------+ | Scaffold | Usage | +-----------+---------------------------------+ | Component | ng g component my-new-component | +-----------+---------------------------------+ | Directive | ng g directive my-new-directive | +-----------+---------------------------------+ | Pipe | ng g pipe my-new-pipe | +-----------+---------------------------------+ | Service | ng g service my-new-service | +-----------+---------------------------------+ | Class | ng g class my-new-class | +-----------+---------------------------------+ | Interface | ng g interface my-new-interface | +-----------+---------------------------------+ | Enum | ng g enum my-new-enum | +-----------+---------------------------------+ | Module | ng g module my-module | +-----------+---------------------------------+


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