How to get the value out of a multi index

I am trying to do one multi map(4 variables) using boost- multi index. Can I know how to get the value of a particular index like



struct EnumStruct { int microsoftEnum; std::string microsoftEnumString; int localEnum; std::string localEnumString; } typedef bmi::multi_index_container< EnumStruct, bmi::ordered_unique<bmi::tag<localEnum>,bmi::member < EnumStruct,std::string,&EnumStruct::localEnumString > > > > boost_Enum_Container; boost_Enum_Container enumStructContainer; int main() { enumStructContainer.insert(EnumStruct(1,"MS_1",11,"LOC11")); enumStructContainer.insert(EnumStruct(2,"MS_2",22,"LOC22")); enumStructContainer.insert(EnumStruct(3,"MS_3",33,"LOC33")); //enumStructContainer.get<0>().find(1); //boost_Enum_Container::index<localEnum>::type& localEnum_Index=enumStructContainer.get<localEnum>().find(22)->firstVariable; boost_Enum_Container::iterator return 0; }


You need the project function. See http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_39_0/libs/multi_index/doc/tutorial/basics.html#projection and http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_46_0/libs/multi_index/doc/reference/multi_index_container.html#projection. Thus: tmp_Container.project<0>(tmp_Container.get<name>.find("aaa")).


You are using boost::multi_index::tag in a wrong way. To use it, you must provide a valid struct.

Also you are trying to search a number in a string index. Below code must work, I did not test it though.

struct LOCALENUM { }; struct LOCALENUMSTR { }; using namespace boost::multi_index; typedef boost::multi_index_container< EnumStruct, indexed_by< ordered_unique<tag<LOCALENUM>,member<EnumStruct,int,&EnumStruct::localEnum > > >, ordered_unique<tag<LOCALENUMSTR>,member<EnumStruct,std::string,&EnumStruct::localEnumString > > > > > boost_Enum_Container; typedef boost_Enum_Container::index<LOCALENUM>::type::iterator EnumIterator; typedef boost_Enum_Container::index<LOCALENUMSTR>::type::iterator EnumStrIterator; EnumIterator enumiter = enumStructContainer.get<LOCALENUM>().find(22); EnumStruct & enum_struct = (*eniter); // There you go : std::cout << enum_struct.microsoftEnumString << "\n"; //Searching for LocalEnumString : EnumStrIterator enunstriter = enumStructContainer.get<LOCALENUMSTR>().find("LOC22"); EnumStruct & enum_struct = (*enunstriter ); std::cout << enum_struct.microsoftEnumString << "\n";


As has been mentioned multiple times in your other recent questions, the ordered_unique index specifier has the same interface as std::map; so if you know how to use std::map (<strong>hint</strong>, <strong>hint</strong>) then this should be very straightforward:

#include <string> #include <boost/multi_index_container.hpp> #include <boost/multi_index/ordered_index.hpp> #include <boost/multi_index/member.hpp> struct EnumStruct { EnumStruct(int const me, std::string const& mes, int const le, std::string const& les) : microsoftEnum(me), microsoftEnumString(mes), localEnum(le), localEnumString(les) { } int microsoftEnum; std::string microsoftEnumString; int localEnum; std::string localEnumString; }; namespace bmi = boost::multi_index; struct localEnum_t; typedef bmi::multi_index_container< EnumStruct, bmi::indexed_by< bmi::ordered_unique< bmi::tag<localEnum_t>, bmi::member<EnumStruct, int, &EnumStruct::localEnum> > > > boost_Enum_Container; int main() { boost_Enum_Container enumStructContainer; enumStructContainer.insert(EnumStruct(1, "MS_1", 11, "LOC11")); enumStructContainer.insert(EnumStruct(2, "MS_2", 22, "LOC22")); enumStructContainer.insert(EnumStruct(3, "MS_3", 33, "LOC33")); boost_Enum_Container::index_iterator<localEnum_t>::type iter = enumStructContainer.get<localEnum_t>().find(22); if (iter != enumStructContainer.get<localEnum_t>().end()) std::cout << "found, localEnumString == " << iter->localEnumString << std::endl; else std::cout << "didn't find anything" << std::endl; }


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