PHP recursive search and replace array elements

I want to recursively search and replace elements in an array.

The array is tree based so looks like

Object Children Object type A Object type B Object Children Object type A Object


I want to be able to replace certain items with other items, so for example, I want to replace all entries in the array (at whatever depth level) of type A with an array of type B. But here's the catch: The newly replaced objects may also have children of type A that need to be replaced.

So far I've got

foreach($nodes as &$node) { // Replace node? if($node['type'] == 'RefObject') { $n = $this->site->get_node_where('id', $node['node_ref']); // Replace node $node = $this->site->get_node_where('object_id', $n['object_id']); // Get children $node['children'] = $this->site->get_descendants($node['lft'], $node['rgt']); } } return $nodes;

Which will replace the first level of RefObjects, but will not search the subsequently added children.

I've been bashing my head against a wall with this one for hours. Please help!

Cheers, Gaz.


Put your code into a function and call it again. Pseudocode:

function checkArray($array) { ... if (is_array($node)) { // or whatever other criterium checkArray($node); // same function } }

The basics of recursion are to call the same code again...


you need to add this code into a function and call the function on the child nodes.

something like this (note the parseNodes function is called again inside the function):

function parseNodes($node) { foreach($nodes as &$node) { // Replace node? if($node['type'] == 'RefObject') { $n = $this->site->get_node_where('id', $node['node_ref']); // Replace node $node = $this->site->get_node_where('object_id', $n['object_id']); // Get children $node['children'] = parseNodes($this->site->get_descendants($node['lft'], $node['rgt'])); } } return $nodes; }



PHP 5.3 gets an <strong>array_replace_recursive</strong> method.

I just hope you'll be able to use it ;)



here's a recursive solution

function makeObject($array){ $data = false; foreach($array as $key=>$value){ if(is_array($value)){ $value = makeObject($value); } $data -> {$key} = $value; } return $data; }

thanks for getting me there!


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