make a div editable

I need to make a whole div(with class container) editable when the user clicks on the Edit link. Using contenteditable attribute can make a div editable. But it happens only when we double click on that div. I also do not prefer to use any plugins for that. So basically the div should be editable if the user clicks on the Edit button. I am new to jquery and learning th basic stuffs. Please help.

Please find the structure of my Dom elements


Sorry for changing the classname.


Updated your jsfiddle example, to the correct class name and it works.

<div class="container "> <div class="container_settings_inner"> <h4 class="fred"><div class="iconnameserver"></div> Test1</h4> </div> </div>


$(document).ready(function() { $("#edit").click(function() { $('.container_settings_inner').attr('contentEditable','true'); }); });

You could put focus on the .container_settings_inner h4 attribute when they become editable so the user knows, or light them up a bit.



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