Can I access the active version on SAP Cloud Platform of HTML5 apps through a api?

I need to access the active version on SAP Cloud Platform of HTML5 apps through an api.

I know for the java apps you have the lifecycle api: doc

But you can't access HTML5 information with this API.

What I found is this service: https://account.hana.ondemand.com/ajax/getHtml5AppDetails/{subaccountName}/{appName}

This will return a JSON string with the required info, but I'm not authorized to access this page, although I have all the possible admin rights.

So I'm wondering If any of you has any idea to solve my issue, and other people's issues.


Well, we needed something similar and used this kinda hack to get the active versions via WebIde Api (need basic Auth to login) replace XXXX with your account


You get back a json array with all your applications of that sub account, including active version and other interesting information

Hope it helps ;))

Regards Mathias


You could create a HTTP Proxy Servlet based on https://github.com/SAP/cloud-connectivityproxy that provides read only access to https://dispatcher.hanatrial.ondemand.com/hcproxy/b/api/accounts/<subaccount>/applications/<app> for your app.


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