Pictures not showing up in site hosted by GitHub

I have a website hosted by Github and I am having issues with displaying pictures. I recently tried to upload new pictures but despite the path being right, the page fails to load the images and gives a 404 error in the source as it tries to find the path. Here is the repo of my site: https://github.com/jeanturban/jeanturban.github.io

I think it might have something to do with Picasa as when I download a picture from the internet and update the path accordingly it works fine. But when I try to use pictures from my computer, or if I try to export from Picasa to my "img" folder, then it breaks. Perhaps Picasa is making a hidden folder upon exporting the pictures that is not being uploaded? Anyone have any insight on this? Or a workaround?


It looks like your images are not loading due to the wrong file extension. You are trying to load "http://jeanturban.com/img/Current/light1.jpg" when it should be "http://jeanturban.com/img/Current/light1.JPG" -- notice the capital JPG at the end.


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