How to get an event from button in jquery mobile dynamic page

I have created a dynamic page using jquery mobile, how to get an event after creating this page? Also i need an alert from this button.

this is my code:

$("#test").on('click',function(){ var newPage = $("<div data-role=page data-url=testpage><div data-role=header> <h1>TEST</h1></div><div data-role=content> <input type='button' value='clic kMe' id='click_me'> </div></div>"); newPage.appendTo( $.mobile.pageContainer ); $.mobile.changePage( newPage ); });


Use this:

$(document).on('click','#click_me',function() { alert('Click'); });

or in case of your code:

$("#test").on('click',function(){ var newPage = $("<div data-role=page data-url=testpage><div data-role=header><h1>TEST</h1></div><div data-role=content> <input type='button' value='clic kMe' id='click_me'> </div></div>"); $(document).on('click','#click_me',function() { alert('Click'); }); newPage.appendTo( $.mobile.pageContainer ); $.mobile.changePage( newPage ); });


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