Custom function for splitting string on Upper Case characters does not works as expected

public static string UpperCaseStringSplitter(string stringToSplit) { var stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(); foreach (char c in stringToSplit) { if (Char.IsUpper(c) && stringToSplit.IndexOf(c) > 0) stringBuilder.Append(" " + c); else stringBuilder.Append(c); } return stringBuilder.ToString(); }

If I pass a string like this:


the output is the expected one : "Test Srak".

But when there are two same letters where one is lower case and the other is Uppercase next to each other, the split does not happen:

For example If the input is:


The output is also TestTruck . Can You please tell me where is the problem and how can I fix it. Thanks!


The problem is this

stringToSplit.IndexOf(c) > 0)

In "TestTruck" the first letter(index == 0) is also a T, therefore it will not enter the if.

Instead i would use a for-loop and check if the current char is the first, then you can skip the split:

for(int i=0; i < stringToSplit.Length; i++) { if (i > 0 && Char.IsUpper(stringToSplit[i])) stringBuilder.Append(" ").Append(stringToSplit[i]); else stringBuilder.Append(stringToSplit[i]); }


Try this:

public static string UpperCaseStringSplitter(string stringToSplit) { var stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(); for(int i = 0; i <stringToSplit.Length; i++) { char c = stringToSplit[i]; if (Char.IsUpper(c) && i > 0) stringBuilder.Append(" " + c); else stringBuilder.Append(c); } return stringBuilder.ToString(); }


The problem with your code has been identified by Tim Schmelter's answer, but if you are trying to append a space before the upper case character in the string, then you can try the following (using LINQ)

string str = "TestTrak"; string newString = string.Join("", str.Select(r=> char.IsUpper(r) ?" " + r: r.ToString())); newString = newString.Trim(); //to remove space from the start


Try this:

if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(stringToSplit)) return stringToSplit; var stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(); for (int i = 0; i < stringToSplit.Length; i++) { if (Char.IsUpper(stringToSplit[i])) { stringBuilder.Append(" "); } stringBuilder.Append(stringToSplit[i]); } return stringBuilder.ToString().Trim();


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