How do I shutdown an HTTPServer from inside a request handler in Python?

How do I shutdown this server when I receive the StopIteration exception? sys.exit() does not work.

#!/usr/bin/env python from BaseHTTPServer import BaseHTTPRequestHandler,HTTPServer PORT_NUMBER = 2000 from itertools import islice filename = 'data/all.txt' file = open(filename, 'r') lines_gen = islice(file, None) class MyHandler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler): def do_GET(self): global lines_gen self.send_response(200) self.send_header('Content-type','text/plain') self.end_headers() try: for i in range(10): next_line = lines_gen.next() self.wfile.write(next_line) except StopIteration: # return response and shutdown the server # ????? return try: server = HTTPServer(('', PORT_NUMBER), MyHandler) print('Started httpserver on port ' , PORT_NUMBER) server.serve_forever() except KeyboardInterrupt: print('^C received, shutting down the web server') server.socket.close()


Just call shutdown() in a second thread.

# return response and shutdown the server import threading assassin = threading.Thread(target=server.shutdown) assassin.daemon = True assassin.start()


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