CloudFormation - Security Group VPC issue

I have a template which creates an ELB and attaches an existing subnet within a VPC. This creates just fine but when I then update my stack and add a security group with a VpcId property with a value equal to the existing VPC ID in which my attached subnet belongs the stack fails with the following error:

"You have specified two resources that belong to different networks"

If I remove the VpcId property from my security group it creates it in my default VPC and the stack creation works. I cannot understand why this can be because the security group has a relationship to the ELB in the specified ingress rules -

"IpProtocol": "tcp", "FromPort": "8000", "ToPort": "8010", "SourceSecurityGroupOwnerId": { "Fn::GetAtt": [ "ElasticLoadBalancer", "SourceSecurityGroup.OwnerAlias" ] },

I cannot explicitly state the VPC ID on the ELB as it has no such property, only Subnet or AZ.


Thanks for your help guys. I found the issue and solved the problem.

The issue is that I am trying to reference one security group from another in the security group ingress definition within the security group definition. As the documentation says:

If you want to cross-reference two security groups in the ingress and egress rules of those security groups, use the AWS::EC2::SecurityGroupEgress and AWS::EC2::SecurityGroupIngress resources to define your rules. Do not use the embedded ingress and egress rules in the AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup. If you do, it causes a circular dependency, which AWS CloudFormation doesn't allow.

So, I specified my two security groups then specified a SecurityGroupIngress in a separate resource. This must be entered manually into the template as there is no CloudFormation icon from the left hand menu for this resource. It took a while to figure out because the error message generated when I created the stack doesn't make it obvious.

"InstanceIngress": { "Type": "AWS::EC2::SecurityGroupIngress", "Properties": { "GroupId": { "Fn::GetAtt": [ "InstanceSecurityGroup", "GroupId" ] }, "IpProtocol": "tcp", "FromPort": "7997", "ToPort": "8100", "SourceSecurityGroupId": { "Fn::GetAtt": [ "ELBSecurityGroup", "GroupId" ] } },


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