adding jar in Jcreator

I want to read doc file by writing java code in jcreator editor . For this purpose , I want to use Apache POI jar file .

But I don't know how to add jar file in Jcreator editor . My file structure is like this :

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/Ouh41.png" alt="enter image description here">

Now I am referring using this code .

import org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.*; import org.apache.poi.hpsf.DocumentSummaryInformation; import org.apache.poi.hwpf.*; import org.apache.poi.hwpf.extractor.*; import org.apache.poi.hwpf.usermodel.HeaderStories;

But Jcreator is showing this error to me .

H:\Code For others\chat\docx file\ReadDocFileFromJava.java:1: package org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem does not exist import org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.*; ^ H:\Code For others\chat\docx file\ReadDocFileFromJava.java:2: package org.apache.poi.hpsf does not exist import org.apache.poi.hpsf.DocumentSummaryInformation; ^ H:\Code For others\chat\docx file\ReadDocFileFromJava.java:3: package org.apache.poi.hwpf does not exist import org.apache.poi.hwpf.*;

Why is the Jcreator showing this errors ? What do I do to remove this error ? I am following thus tutorial for doc file reading .


<ol> <li>

Highlight the current project:

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/ef3aY.png" alt="Image of highlighting the current project">

</li> <li>

Click on the properties button:

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/UIcPd.jpg" alt="Image of the properties button">

</li> <li>

Click on the <strong>Required Libraries</strong> tab, then click <strong>New</strong>:

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/lUcoK.jpg" alt="Image of the Add Library step">

</li> <li>

Give the library an appropriate name, then click <strong>Add -> Add Archive</strong>:

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/vnbgf.jpg" alt="Image of the specify library step">

</li> <li>

Use the navigator to select the .jar file, then click <strong>OK</strong> on the Set Library window.

</li> <li>

Ensure the libraries are checked, then click <strong>OK</strong>:

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/eZQi0.jpg" alt="Image of the added libraries">

</li> </ol>

After this, the project should build correctly.



I couldn't locate the library with the exact name yours had, but when I went looking for them I had to download both POI Scratchpad and Apache POI in order to get it working, so <strong>pay close attention to exactly which packages aren't found if it still doesn't build</strong> when you follow the steps above


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