glTexImage2D: got err pre :( 0x506 internal 0x1908 format 0x1908 type 0x1401

When running my emulator with Android Studio I can't see anything on the emulator screen (everything is black). I get the following Event Log:

Emulator:glTexImage2D: got err pre :( 0x506 internal 0x1908 format 0x1908 type 0x1401

I already tried to clean the project and rebuild it but nothing happened. I think it's something related just with the emulator.

Does anyone know what's going on?


Yes, it's all about the emulator.

Go to Tools > AVD Manager > Virtual device configuration > Show advanced settings > Boot option > Cool boot

Then run again your project with that AVD. Close the session and set again Quick boot in Boot option.


As @SirQuickWay's solution didn't work for me I had to change OpenGL ES Renderer and OpenGL ES API level in the emulator settings to SwiftShader and Renderer Maximum respectively. You can find these settings here:

Emulator bar > ... > Settings > Advanced (tab) like this: Android Emulator OpenGL settings


My emulator was working well and then it crashed with a black screen. After that it always started with a black screen. So I went to Tools > AVD Manager > Virtual device configuration and clicked on down arrow of the last working device, made a "duplicate" of the device and deleted the original device. The new "duplicate" emulator worked.


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