In C#, how do I add event handlers to an object based on names?

I'm am trying to add event handlers to 'myObject' based on the name of an event or events. 'myObject' has an event called 'MyEvent' and I have a public event handler called 'MyEventHandler' (which I don't need to get by name but do it below to get a MethodInfo).

This is what I have so far:

EventInfo eventInfo = myObject.GetType().GetEvent("MyEvent"); MethodInfo handlerInfo = GetType().GetMethod("MyEventHandler"); if (eventInfo != null && handlerInfo != null) eventInfo.AddEventHandler( this, Delegate.CreateDelegate(eventInfo.EventHandlerType, handlerInfo) );

I get this error:

Error binding to target method.

Am I on the right track or is there a better way?


I had success with this code:

eventInfo.AddEventHandler(this, Delegate.CreateDelegate(typeof(eventInfo.EventHandlerType.FullName), this, "MyEventHandler"));

Edit: Added: eventInfoEventHandlerType.FullName so it's a little more dynamic based on the event handler type.


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