Acquiring multiple attributes from .xml file in c#

I have an .xml file with the structure below. I am wanting to acquire the attribute value, 0.05 and so on, for specific EndPointChannelID's. I am currently able to get the value but it is for every EndPointChannelID instead of for a desired one. Another twist is that the readings are not always going to be 6. How can I achieve only storing the values from the desired EndPointChannelID? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

<Channel ReadingsInPulse="false"> <ChannelID EndPointChannelID="5154131" /> <ContiguousIntervalSets> <ContiguousIntervalSet NumberOfReadings="6"> <TimePeriod EndRead="11386.22" EndTime="2013-01-15T02:00:00Z"/> <Readings> <Reading Value="0.05" /> <Reading Value="0.04" /> <Reading Value="0.05" /> <Reading Value="0.06" /> <Reading Value="0.03" /> <Reading Value="0.53" /> </Readings> </ContiguousIntervalSet> </ContiguousIntervalSets> </Channel>

Below is the current code I have to find the Value.

XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(FileLocation); while (reader.Read()) { if((reader.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Element) && (reader.Name == "Reading")) { if (reader.HasAttributes) { MessageBox.Show(reader.GetAttribute("Value")); } } }


Continuing with XMLReader path, you can do it by setting up a result list, wait for the desired channel ID, start collecting the values, and then end collecting them when the desired channel ID tag ends:

var values = new List<string>(); var collectValues = false; var desiredChannelId = "5154131"; while (reader.Read()) { if((reader.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Element)) { if (reader.Name == "ChannelID" && reader.HasAttributes) { collectValues = reader.GetAttribute("EndPointChannelID") == desiredChannelId; } else if (collectValues && reader.Name == "Reading" && reader.HasAttributes) { values.Add(reader.GetAttribute("Value")); } } }


Your code is a bit too simple. You need to read line by line and first match on EndPointChannelId. Set a flag to make it clear that you have the correct ChannelId, then, when that condition is met read the Value attributes. You'll need an array to save them into. An ArrayList would be ideal since it is of variable length.


It can be easily done using LINQ to XML:

// load document into memory var xDoc = XDocument.Load("Input.txt"); // query the document and get List<decimal> as result List<decimal> values = (from ch in xDoc.Root.Elements("Channel") where (int)ch.Element("ChannelID").Attribute("EndPointChannelID") == 5154131 from r in ch.Descendants("Reading") select (decimal)r.Attribute("Value")).ToList();


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