Free memory of cv::Mat loaded using FileStorage API

I'm working on a system that continuously loads and releases OpenCV Matrices using OpenCV FileStorage API. These matrices hold images feature descriptors. In concrete the piece of code that does the job is this one:

descriptors.create(rows, cols, type); ... for (cv::FileNodeIterator it = keypointsSequence.begin(); it != keypointsSequence.end(); it++, idx++) { ... cv::Mat featureVector; (*it)["descriptor"] >> featureVector; featureVector.copyTo(descriptors.row(idx)); featureVector.release(); }

As I understand from this post a cv::Mat is released only when it was created using Mat::create. Though I'm using the create method, its content is being copied from the loaded matrix.

I have a couple of questions:

<ol> <li>Is featureVector being correctly released and hence its memory deallocated? Or do I have to delete it manually?</li> <li>How correct is it defining featureVector inside the loop? And how does it impact the overall performance (specially in memory)?</li> </ol>

I would strongly appreciate any insight about this issues.


<ol> <li>

Post you mention show how Mat 'can' be released manually, but it doesn't mean that you 'need' to release it yourself. Mat is a smart pointer that deals with all kinds of deallocation by itself. Personally I never had a need to use release function myself (and I am using OpenCV for years).

</li> <li>

It reallocates its memory only if its size is changed. And that is not the case. So defining it outside of the loop will prevent a lot of unneeded allocation and deallocations.

</li> </ol>

Besides, why are you using temporary Mat (featureVector) instead of writing directly to descriptors.row(idx)?

Edit (response to comment 3):

Your error looks weird. Just to be sure that the code is working fine I wrote very short test code and it worked as it should. Here it is:

Mat src = imread(argv[1],-1); FileStorage fs("test.yml", FileStorage::WRITE); fs << "imgs" << "[" << "{" << "img" << src.row(500) << "}" << "]"; fs.release(); FileStorage fs2("test.yml", FileStorage::READ); Mat src2(src.size(), src.type(), Scalar(0)); FileNode imgsNode= fs2["imgs"]; for(FileNodeIterator it = imgsNode.begin(); it != imgsNode.end(); ++it ) (*it)["img"] >> src2.row(500); fs2.release(); imwrite("res.pgm",src2);

As you can see no temporary image is needed.


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