'Series' objects are mutable, thus they cannot be hashed error calling to_csv

I have a large Dataframe (5 days with one value per second, several columns) of which I'd like to save 2 columns in a csv file with python pandas df.to_csv module.

I tried different ways but always get the error message:

'Series' objects are mutable, thus they cannot be hashed

which I found a solution for in connection with groupby but not with filesaving. Somebody has an idea for me?

Here a part of my Dataframe:

DateTime 2015-07-14 00:00:00 414.37 2015-07-14 00:00:00 414.37 2015-07-14 00:00:01 414.29 2015-07-14 00:00:02 414.14 2015-07-14 00:00:03 414.21 2015-07-14 00:00:04 414.05 2015-07-14 00:00:05 414.05 2015-07-14 00:00:06 414.2 2015-07-14 00:00:07 414.54 2015-07-14 00:00:08 414.39 Name: CO2abs, dtype: object DateTime

Edit: sorry - forgot the code...



Your error comes about because you passed a tuple of Series rather than a tuple of column names/strings:


So you found that this worked:


you could've avoided the ambiguity by just sub-selecting from your df by passing a list and using the sub-sctipt operator:


Also it's probably more readable to pass a list of strings rather than a tuple


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