how to use view.setX() method in android version less then 3.0

i want to implement drag and drop feature but the device version is 2.2.1 so application is not working i am use onTouch method and set coordinate using setx() and setY() but this method is not working on my device version please tell me the alternet way to implement this thanks in advance


Unfortunatelly Android Support Package doesn't contain new Drag-n-Drop from API 11 (Android 3.0) probably because it would need platform-side changes.

Basically you can find examples in Android 2.1 source code for Launcher. But it's a bit complicated. Checkout this implementation of custom ListView component with drag-n-drop. It helped me a lot when I had the same task.


Android does not support this method in version < 3.0 but if you want to implement this then you need to change the layout param .

Hope this will work you


Use this jar file to use functions of all versions up to version 4.



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