Hits per day in Google Big Query

I am using Google Big Query to find hits per day. Here is my query,

SELECT COUNT(*) AS Key, DATE(EventDateUtc) AS Value FROM [myDataSet.myTable] WHERE ..... GROUP BY Value ORDER BY Value DESC LIMIT 1000;

This is working fine but it ignores the date with 0 hits. I wanna include this. I cannot create temp table in Google Big Query. How to fix this.

Tested getting error Field 'day' not found.

SELECT COUNT(*) AS Key, DATE(t.day) AS Value from ( select date(date_add(day, i, "DAY")) day from (select '2015-05-01 00:00' day) a cross join (select position( split( rpad('', datediff(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(),'2015-05-01 00:00')*2, 'a,'))) i from (select NULL)) b ) d left join [sample_data.requests] t on d.day = t.day GROUP BY Value ORDER BY Value DESC LIMIT 1000;


You can query data that exists in your tables, the query cannot guess which dates are missing from your table. This problem you need to handle either in your programming language, or you could join with a numbers table and generates the dates on the fly.

If you know the date range you have in your query, you can generate the days:

select date(date_add(day, i, "DAY")) day from (select '2015-01-01' day) a cross join (select position( split( rpad('', datediff('2015-01-15','2015-01-01')*2, 'a,'))) i from (select NULL)) b;

Then you can join this result with your query table:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS Key, DATE(t.day) AS Value from (...the.above.query.pasted.here...) d left join [myDataSet.myTable] t on d.day = t.day WHERE ..... GROUP BY Value ORDER BY Value DESC LIMIT 1000;


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