Angular 2 constructor injection vs direct access

Q1. I have a common utility class with some utility/helper methods (no get/post request). First thing I have to ask is that whether it should be a simple class or an @Injectable class. Because both can be used after importing in any component class like this

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; Injectable() export class Utils { }


export class Utils { }

Q2. If it's injectable then I have to import this in my component class, inject in the constructor, and must have to add in providers array then I can use any method of the injected class/service like

import { Utils } from './../shared/utils'; @Component({ moduleId: module.id, selector: 'abc', templateUrl: './abc.component.html', providers: [Utils] }) export class DemoComponent implements OnInit { constructor(private _u: Utils) { } ngOnInit(): void { this._u.someMethod(); } }

But beside this I can directly access the service methods without constructor injection and without having to add in providers, which is a short way like

import { Utils } from './../shared/utils'; @Component({ moduleId: module.id, selector: 'abc', templateUrl: './abc.component.html' }) export class DemoComponent implements OnInit { constructor() { } ngOnInit(): void { Utils.someMethod(); } }

So I wanted to know which one is better and recommended approach?


When you are using it in constructor,

<ol> <li>You use a separate instance of the service across your component.</li> <li>

When used as Injectable(), it should be declared inside the <strong>providers</strong> array of the module.

constructor(private _u: Utils) { } ngOnInit(): void { this._u.someMethod(); } //private - _u => is specific inside this component </li> </ol>

In case of direct access, the resources are used as it is which might create following problems

<ol> <li>Memory Leaks</li> <li>Less Reusability</li> <li>In case of observables, until an observable is unsubscribed you cannot subscribe to it again.</li> </ol>


Q1. @Injectable() is not required if Utils doesn't depends on any other service, but if it does you must use the @Injectable() decorator :

// 1 case @Injectable() // <--- required export class Utils { constructor(private _otherService : OtherService){} } // 2 case @Injectable() // <--- not required export class Utils { constructor(){} }

In both cases you have to add the service in the providers array of the component.

Q2. Use the first approach because it makes it easy to test your component by passing a MockUtils service.


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