How to build xuggler for Android?

I need to split frames from video and get the different images in Android API for that I had gone with the help of SDK Mediamatadatareteriver.

Duration of video is 127040(2:07sec) I splited as 32 frames but the problem in that was it repeats the same first image for all my remaining 32 frames.

To fix that I'd tried a lot but their is no use now I just want to go on with XUggler Library file with the help of Latest Version by using Windows 7 (64 bit).

so if anyone have idea about this or any other alternative method to solve this issues please help me Friends.


There is an explanation on xuggler-users group from Art Clarke :

I have not attempted to port xuggler to android, but if someone is interested `all jvm related code is in the 'ferry' module. Memory mgmt is particularly` complicated and hard, but in theory a port would be possible


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