embed rChart in Markdown

I am trying to embed a NVD3 chart in a Markdown document. I am on a Ubuntu64 system with RStudio 0.98.932, R 3.1.0, rCharts 0.4.2, the browser is Chrome.

The instructions/code from this link:

```{r} library(rCharts) library(knitr) opts_chunk$set(comment = NA, results = "asis", comment = NA, tidy = F) hair_eye_male = subset(as.data.frame(HairEyeColor), Sex == "Male") n1 <- nPlot(Freq ~ Hair, group = 'Eye', data = hair_eye_male, type = 'multiBarChart' ) n1$set(width = 600) # n1$show('iframesrc', cdn = TRUE) # option 1 # n1$show('inline', include_assets = TRUE, cdn = TRUE) # option 2 ```

Neither of the options [n1$show] work, I just get code in a browser. Is there another way of including NVD3 documents in Markdown?


This code is working for me. I am using ubuntu64 and same config you mentioned.

```{r, echo=FALSE,results='asis',comment=NA} library(rCharts) hair_eye_male <- subset(as.data.frame(HairEyeColor), Sex == "Male") n1 <- nPlot(Freq ~ Hair, group = "Eye", data = hair_eye_male, type = "multiBarChart") n1$show('iframesrc',cdn=TRUE) ```

Note : you <strong>must write results='asis' and comment = NA</strong> in <strong>chunk options</strong> and not use opts_chunk$set as you have in your code block and what you pasted to copy.com.


To get rCharts to work with knit2html, you will need to use the print method with the argument include_assets = TRUE. This is because knitr will not add the js and css assets required by an rCharts plot automatically. Here is a minimal working example.

## MorrisJS with Knit2HTML ```{r results = 'asis', comment = NA} require(rCharts) data(economics, package = 'ggplot2') econ <- transform(economics, date = as.character(date)) m1 <- mPlot(x = 'date', y = c('psavert', 'uempmed'), type = 'Line', data = econ) m1$set(pointSize = 0, lineWidth = 1) m1$print('chart2', include_assets = TRUE) ```

Note that you need to use m1$print('chart2', include_assets = TRUE, cdn = TRUE) if you intend to publish your chart on RPubs, for otherwise the JS and CSS assets will be served from your local library.

Source:Knitr HTML in R Markdown


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