Eloquent paginate function in Slim 3 project using twig

How can I use paginate function from Eloquent in Slim 3 project using twig ?

This is in my controller :

$posts = Sound::paginate(2); $this->container->view->render($response, 'admin/sounds/index.twig', [ 'posts' => $posts ]);

This is the view :

{{ posts.links() }}

But it doesn't work as well as I expected :

Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, no array or string given in **PATH_TO_PROJECT**\vendor\illuminate\pagination\AbstractPaginator.php on line 412 Fatal error: Call to a member function make() on null in **PATH_TO_PROJECT**\vendor\illuminate\pagination\LengthAwarePaginator.php on line 90

What I have to do to make it work ?


Can you try this:

{{ posts.links }}

I presume that links is a getter that returns links. If not, this won't work like you expect.


First, you need to include illuminate/pagination in your project (it's not included with illuminate/database):

composer require illuminate/pagination

Now paginator needs to know how to resolve current page. You should make sure this is done before using paginator, I personally put it where I'm setting up dependencies:

// $container is application's DIC container. // Setup Paginator resolvers Illuminate\Pagination\Paginator::currentPageResolver(function ($pageName = 'page') use ($container) { $page = $container->request->getParam($pageName); if (filter_var($page, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT) !== false && (int) $page >= 1) { return $page; } return 1; });

Then in your twig template you can output pagination links. But please you should notice that paginator generates some HTML code which needs to be written to output as is so you'll need to tell twig to ignore escaping for links:

{{ posts.links | raw }}


Sorry for the late :

I didn't keep the project, I don't remember exactly how I did, but this : https://github.com/romanzipp/PHP-Slim-Pagination looks like what I did.

$app->get('/posts', function(Request $req, Response $res, $args = []) use ($cache) { $page = ($req->getParam('page', 0) > 0) ? $req->getParam('page') : 1; $limit = 5; // Number of posts on one page $skip = ($page - 1) * $limit; $count = Post::getCount([]); // Count of all available posts return $this->view->render($res, 'post-list.twig', [ 'pagination' => [ 'needed' => $count > $limit, 'count' => $count, 'page' => $page, 'lastpage' => (ceil($count / $limit) == 0 ? 1 : ceil($count / $limit)), 'limit' => $limit, ], // return list of Posts with Limit and Skip arguments 'posts' => Post::getList([ 'limit' => $limit, 'skip' => $skip, ]) ]); });

In template :

{% if pagination.needed %} <div class="ui pagination menu"> {% for i in 1..pagination.lastpage %} <a class="{% if i == pagination.page %}active{% endif %} item" href="?page={{ i }}">{{ i }}</a> {% endfor %} </div> {% endif %} <div class="ui container"> {% for post in posts %} <a class="item"> {# Post contents (title, url, ...) #} </a> {% endfor %} </div>


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