Date Conversion from yyyy-mm-dd to dd-mm-yyyy

I am trying to convert the dates in my data frame from yyyy-mm-dd to dd-mm-yyyy format. for example:

D <- "06.12.2012" as.Date(D, "%d.%m.%Y") D

returns :


How can I convert it to "06-12-2012"?


a) Parse

d <- as.Date( "06.12.2012", "%d.%m.%Y")

b) Format

strftime(d, "%m-%d-%Y")


format(d, "%m-%d-%Y")


Strictly speaking, you can't. A Date is an integer (days since 1970-01-01) that looks like a character string when printed. The printed format for Date objects is YYYY-MM-DD because that's the ISO-8601 standard.

As @GSee mentioned in chat, you would have to re-define the print.Date method with something like:

print.Date <- function(x, max=NULL, ...) { if (is.null(max)) max <- getOption("max.print", 9999L) if (max < length(x)) { print(format(x[seq_len(max)], "%d-%m-%Y"), max = max, ...) cat(" [ reached getOption(\"max.print\") -- omitted", length(x) - max, "entries ]\n") } else print(format(x, "%d-%m-%Y"), max = max, ...) invisible(x) }


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