Is there a perl module to validate passwords stored in “{crypt}hashedpassword” “{ssha}hashedpassword

I have a table which stores user login infomration, which contains passwords in the below scheme

    <li>{crypt}hashedpassword</li> <li>{ssha}hashedpasswordsalted</li> <li>{md5}hashedpassword</li> <li>.....</li> </ul>

    Is there a <strong>perl module</strong> that understands this scheme and is able to validate the password given the plain text password ?

    Something like

    print "success!!\n" if validatePassword("helloworld",{CRYPT}r2sKInajXZ6Fk)



    Authen::Passphrase can do this:

    use Authen::Passphrase; print "success!!\n" if Authen::Passphrase->from_rfc2307('{CRYPT}r2sKInajXZ6Fk')->match("helloworld");


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