IndexOutOfRangeException on multidimensional array despite using GetLength check

I am using the following code to read values from an Excel spreadsheet:

// Start with passed int lastPassRow = sheets[passedVehicles].GetLength(0); for (int i = 1; i < lastPassRow; i++) { // Exception here if(DateTime.TryParse(sheets[passedVehicles][i, 0].ToString(), out result)) { passedDates.Add((DateTime)sheets[passedVehicles][i, 0]); } }

The type of sheets[passedVehicles] is a multidimensional array of Object[,] and the for loop above is giving me an IndexOutOfRange exception at i = 1, despite that I check the number of rows.

I added some logging for the spreadsheet in question, and have verified:

    <li>i = 1 is the iteration that is failing</li> <li>The value of lastPassRow is 4</li> <li>The value of sheets[passedVehicles].GetLength(1) is also four.</li> </ul>

    All values appear to be in range to me. Is there something else that could cause this exception?

    Note: I am starting at i = 1 because row 0 is a header in the spreadsheet and does not contain data I am trying to read.


    I suspect it's the 0 that's out of range.

    Excel arrays are 1-based, not 0-based as you might expect.


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