How to query property value when property name is a parameter?

Typically we can query property value for something like:

Match (n:Product) where n.name="iPhone X" return n

However, in my case, I don't know which property I should match, but I only know the value, in which case the property name becomes a kind of variable. I want something like this:

Match (n:Product) where n.{name}="iPhone X" return n

or with relationship variable r:

Match (n:Product)-[{r}]->(c:Color {name:'white'})

In both cases, in my application I know some property or relationship <strong>value</strong> beforehand, without knowing specifically which property it should match against.

Is this query based on property or relationship values supported in Neo4j or spring-data-neo4j?


Take a look in this example:

CREATE (:Node {name : 'Bruno'})-[r:REL_TYPE]->()

Setting Neo4j Browser parameters:

:param {prop : 'name', rel_type : 'REL_TYPE'}

Then querying:

MATCH (n:Node) WHERE n[{prop}] = "Bruno" RETURN n

The result:

╒════════════════╕ │"n" │ ╞════════════════╡ │{"name":"Bruno"}│ └────────────────┘

That is: you can use the property name as a key enclosed in square brackets in the WHERE clause.

An workaround to query by dynamic relationship types can be using the type() function, this way:

MATCH (:Node)-[r]->() WHERE type(r) = {rel_type} return r


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