python draw pie shapes with colour filled

I am trying to draw a pie shape with filled colour. I've tried to do this in different ways. Here's the code:

ball = pygame.draw.circle(self.screen, self.pink, self.pos, self.r, 0) pygame.gfxdraw.pie(self.screen, 60,60, 40, 0, 90,(0,255,0)) pygame.gfxdraw.arc(self.screen, 60,60, 40, 180, 270,(0,255,255)) pygame.draw.arc(self.screen, (255,0,255),ball,0, math.pi/4, ball.width/2)

The output image is like: <img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/sr991.png" alt="enter image description here">

I want the pie shapes filled with colour, as the magenta coloured shape does. I used the arc function and set the line with = the radius to achieve this (4th line in the code). However, the colour isn't evenly filled. I also tried to draw a pie shape (2nd line in the code) However, I cannot find a way to fill the colour...

Thank you very much for your help!


You can just draw a sufficiently fine polygon (e.g in one degree intervals):

import math import pygame # Center and radius of pie chart cx, cy, r = 100, 320, 75 # Background circle pygame.draw.circle(screen, (17, 153, 255), (cx, cy), r) # Calculate the angle in degrees angle = val*360/total # Start list of polygon points p = [(cx, cy)] # Get points on arc for n in range(0,angle): x = cx + int(r*math.cos(n*math.pi/180)) y = cy+int(r*math.sin(n*math.pi/180)) p.append((x, y)) p.append((cx, cy)) # Draw pie segment if len(p) > 2: pygame.draw.polygon(screen, (0, 0, 0), p)


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