How do I alternate colors in Flat List (React Native)

Trying to alternate colors in React Natives Flatlist. I believe I need rowID or something similar to do it. This is what I've got so far:

let colors = ['#123456', '#654321', '#fdecba', '#abcdef']; <View > <FlatList style={{backgroundColor: colors[this.index % colors.length]}} data={this.state.dataSource} renderItem={({item}) => <Text style={styles.listStyle}>{item.title}, {item.releaseYear}</Text>} keyExtractor={(item, index) => index} /> </View>

Any ideas?


The renderItem callback argument has a property index that allows you to access the row index for the current row:

<View > <FlatList data={this.state.dataSource} keyExtractor={(item, index) => index} renderItem={({item, index}) => ( <View style={{ backgroundColor: colors[index % colors.length] }}> <Text style={styles.listStyle}>{item.title}, {item.releaseYear}</Text> </View> )} /> </View>



I hope this youtube tutorial would help you get what you need.


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