How to use remove-erase idiom for removing empty vectors in a vector?

I have some trouble with removing a empty vector in a vector using the remove-erase idiom like Erasing elements from a vector. How can I apply this on:

vector<vector<Point> > contours; // want to remove contours.at(i).empty() contours.erase(remove(contours.begin(), contours.end(), ??? ),contours.end());


Have you tried:

contours.erase(remove(contours.begin(), contours.end(), vector<Point>()), contours.end());


Use remove_if that takes a predicate.

contours.erase( std::remove_if( contours.begin(), contours.end(), [](const vector<Point>& v) { return v.empty(); } // or a functor/plain function/Boost.Lambda expression ), contours.end() );


use remove_if.


contours.erase( std::remove_if(contours.begin(), contours.end(), [&](const Vector<Point>& vp){ return vp.empty(); }), contours.end());


struct is_empty { bool operator()(const Vector<Point>& vp) constt; { return vp.empty(); } } contours.erase( std::remove_if(contours.begin(), contours.end(), is_empty, contours.end());


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