Meteor helpers not available in Angular template

I am learning Meteor and I'm trying to add internationalization support with the tap:18n package. Unfortunately, the template helper function _ is not availble inside Angular modules. For example

<div>{{_ "foo"}}</div>

works, but does not when using it inside a module template :

> index.html

<div ng-app="app" ng-include="'foo.ng.html'">

> foo.ng.html

<div ng-app="bar"> <div>{{_ "bar"}}</div> </div>

<strong>note:</strong> app is declared inside foo.js as angular.module('app', ['angular-meteor']);, in the project root level.

Is it possible to make helpers available inside Angular modules?

(note: see referenced issue.)

** Edit **

Same thing happens when trying to render package templates inside another template :

> index.html

<section ng-app="users" ng-include="'users/usersession.ng.html'"> </section>

> users/usersession.ng.html

<ul class="nav navbar-nav navbar-right"> {{> loginButtons}} <!-- here --> </ul>

Then I get Syntax Error: Token '>' not a primary expression at column 1 of the expression [> loginButtons] starting at [> loginButtons].

<strong>Note:</strong> the module users is defined and everything works fine without the {{> loginButtons}} expression.


You can use meteor templates inside angular. Try something like:

<meteor-include src="myTemplate"></meteor-include>

Your template would be something like:

<template name="myTemplate"> <div>{{_ "foo"}}</div> </template>

Remember when naming .html files, the angular templates will be name.ng.html and the meteor templates will just be name.html


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