Django: Count of Group Elements

How can we achieve the following via the Django 1.5 ORM:

SELECT TO_CHAR(date, 'IW/YYYY') week_year, COUNT(*) FROM entries GROUP BY week_year;

EDIT: cf. Follow up: Count of Group Elements With Joins in Django in case you need a join.


I had to do something like this recently.

You need to add your week_year column via Django's extra, then you can use that column in the values method.

...it's not obvious but if you then use annotate Django will GROUP BY all of the fields mentioned in the values clause (as described in the docs here https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/db/aggregation/#values)

So your code should look like:

Entry.objects.extra(select={'week_year': "TO_CHAR(date, 'IW/YYYY')"}).values('week_year').annotate(Count('id'))


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