Can't mass-assign protected attributes when import data from csv file

I have a form for import data like this:

<%= form_tag({ controller: 'courses', action: :import }, multipart: true) do %> <%= label_tag 'file', 'Import data' %> <%= file_field_tag 'file' %> <%= submit_tag "Import", name: nil, class: 'btn' %> <% end %>

This is my import action:

def import require 'csv' csv_text = File.read(params[:file].tempfile.to_path.to_s) csv = CSV.parse(csv_text, headers: true ) csv.each do |row| row = row.to_hash.with_indifferent_access Course.create(row.to_hash.symbolize_keys) end flash[:success] = "Successfully import data." redirect_to courses_url end

But when i choose a file and press button Import in browser, i got error:

ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error in CoursesController#import Can't mass-assign protected attributes: Name, Code

In my Course model, name and code already are attr_accessible:

class Course < ActiveRecord::Base attr_accessible :code, :name end

What's wrong with my code?

<strong>Updated</strong> This is my csv file:

name, code ERP System, HT555DV01 Data Mining, HT459DV01

<strong>New code to create data</strong>

csv.each do |row| Course.create!(name: row[0], code: row[1]) end


try this

csv.each do |row| row = row.to_hash.with_indifferent_access Course.create(row.to_hash.symbolize_keys) end

replace to

csv.each do |row| Course.create(row.to_hash) end


csv_file = File.read(params[:file].tempfile.to_path.to_s) csv = CSV.parse(csv_file, :headers => true) csv.each do |row| Course.create!(:name => row[0], :code => row[1]) end

<strong>Update 2</strong>

csv_file = params[:file].read CSV.parse(csv_file) do |row| course = Course.create(row) course.save end

source => http://www.funonrails.com/2012/01/csv-file-importexport-in-rails-3.html http://erikonrails.snowedin.net/?p=212


Try Course.create(row.to_hash.symbolize_keys, :without_protection => true) or even combine it with Dipak's suggestion.

Alternatively, I would prefer Course.create!(name: row['name'], code: row['code']).


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