Reading JSON from a file using C++ REST SDK (Casablanca)

I have the following code which should read the contents of a text file and parse it as JSON

try { string_t importFile = argv[++iArgCounter]; // extract filename ifstream_t f(importFile); // filestream of working file stringstream_t s; // string stream for holding JSON read from file json::value v; // JSON read from input file iArgCounter++; // increment arg counter if (f) { s << f.rdbuf(); // stream results of reading from file stream into string stream f.close(); // close the filestream v.parse(s); // parse the resultant string stream. } } catch (web::json::json_exception excep) { std::cout << "ERROR Parsing JSON: "; std::cout << excep.what(); break; }

And the following test JSON file

[ { "Destinations": [ { "Domain": "", "Name": "GoogleLogin", "Port": "8090" } ], "Listeners": [ { "Domain": "", "Name": "LoginRequest", "Port": "8080", "Route": "ProcessLoginRequest" } ], "Name": "LoginProcess", "Routes": [ { "Name": "ProcessLoginRequest", "Rules": [{ "DestinationIfTrue": "GoogleLogin", "LeftTerm": { "RuleTermType": 1, "Value": "NETWORK" }, "Operator": 2, "RightTerm": { "RuleTermType": 0, "Value": "NETWORK" } }], "Transformations": [] } ] } ]

The trouble is no matter what the JSON code I get the error 'Line 1, Column 2 Syntax error: Malformed token'. From what I can tell the JSON is correctly formatted with all brackets balanced.

Code is running on 64bit Windows 7.

Anyone got an idea why it thinks this (or how I can convert the stringstream_t to a string and see what it actually reads).


    <li>Could it be that the file is of utf16 encoding? </li> <li>Or check if your json file has BOM (Byte Oder Mark) at the head by opening it with a hex editor.</li> </ul>


    change the line



    v = json::value::parse(s)


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