Why is an OPTIONS request sent to the server?

I use a simple jQuery.ajax method:

$.ajax({ type: "GET", url: serviceUrl + '/GetAgentsGroupNameById', contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8", data: { id: agentsGroupId }, async: false, success: function (data) { agentsGroupName = data["d"]; }, error: function (request, message) { agentsGroupName = ''; } });

The 'Get' request is sent and I get a well-formed json response from the server. The problem is that I see in the developer tools that another request is generated to the same URL, with request method: OPTIONS, with an empty response, and I see an error:

OPTIONS http://localhost:1004/MobileService.asmx/GetSubscribedAgentsByUserId?userId=27 500 (Internal Server Error)

What is this OPTIONS request? Why does it happen?

P.S. I mentioned that if I delete contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8" (and add dataType: json or jsonp), no OPTIONS request is generated, but I don't get a well-formed json as a response (I get kinda xml document)

BTW: the service is asp.net c#:

[WebMethod] [ScriptMethod(UseHttpGet = true, ResponseFormat = ResponseFormat.Json)] public string GetAgentsGroupNameById(int id)


Thanks from advance!!!


The OPTIONS request is because of the Cross origin resource sharing. It is basically the web browser asking the destination server whether it allows cross domain resource sharing.

In short, you cannot make json requests to a different domain than the domain that the page is being served from.

If you are only doing GET requests, you may want to look at JSONP which solves this issue. However, it only works with GET requests.

There have been a lot of questions on this, and there is a details answer here


Try switching your $.ajax 'Type' to use the POST verb rather than GET.


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