Checking variable from a different class in C#


I have 2 classes. One is called "Programs" and the other is called "Logs". The class called Programs has public const string m_sEnviron = ""; near the top and I need to check what the m_sEnviron variable is set to through my class called Logs. The variable m_sEnviron will get set from a scheduler called Tidal so how can I check its value from a different class. If this is not the best to do this then please let me know what the better ways are.

Thanks in advance.


Namespace NightScripts { class Program { public static string m_sEnviron {get; set;} static void Main(string[] args) { } //Lots of other functions... } class Logs { //I try to get access to m_sEnviron but it will not show after I type Program. } }


Well, m_sEnviron <strong>isn't</strong> a variable (/field) - it is a const; it is <strong>always</strong> "".

If it was a static property (or field), then Programs.m_sEnviron. If it was an instance property (or field) then someInstance.m_sEnviron should work, since it is public - but I would rename it.

I expect you mean it to be a static field; which can work, but you should at least be a little cautious that this doesn't necessarily play nicely if you start using multiple threads, etc. And public fields are generally best avoided (prefer private fields and public properties).

For example:

public static string Environ {get;set;}

would be a public, static property easily accessible as Program.Environ.


const basically makes the variable static and readonly. So public const string m_sEnviron = ""; means that m_sEnviron will <strong>ALWAYS</strong> be the empty string. If you try and change it, you will get an error.

However, to access it from a method in the Logs class, you just access it just like a static variable:

string foo = Programs.m_sEnviron;


If I understand your question correctly, you could specify the class where the variable is located as a static class which would therefore not require instantiation.


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