Deselecting radio buttons while keeping the View Model in synch

I have a radio group that allows the user (using jQuery events) to deselect previous selections. I am trying to add KnockoutJS to track changes, but the viewmodal gets out of sync with the UI. Can anyone suggest how I might get the two to be in sync?

My view code:

<div id='test'>
    <input data-bind="checked: asd"  name='asd' type='radio' value="a"/>
    <input data-bind="checked: asd"  name='asd' type='radio' value="b"/>
    <input data-bind="checked: asd"  name='asd' type='radio' value="c"/>
     <p>Linked Value: <span data-bind="text: asd"></p>  

Corresponding JS:

$('#test input[type="radio"]').click(function (event) { var checked = $(this).hasClass('checked'); if (checked) { $(this).removeAttr('checked'); $(this).removeClass('checked'); } else { $(this).addClass('checked'); } }); var viewModel = { asd: ko.observable("a") }; ko.applyBindings(viewModel);

An example can be viewed here online in this fiddle.


I think that a simple way would be to do:

$('#test input[type="radio"]').click(function (event) { if ($(this).val() === viewModel.asd()) { viewModel.asd(null); } });

Updated Fiddle


You don't need to worry about the checked attribute, that's done for you. Change your event to this:

$('#test input[type="radio"]').click(function (event) { var checked = $(this).hasClass('checked'); if (checked) { $(this).removeClass('checked'); } else { $(this).addClass('checked'); } });

Fork of your fiddle here


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