Get object from AWS S3 as a stream

I am trying to to figure out whether it is possbile to return some sort of stream (possibly a memory stream?) of an object I get from my AWS S3 bucket.

The S3 bucket contains a lot of different type of images, documents etc. All those should be used on my website. However, I do not want to display the path to my AWS S3 bucket. That is why I am trying to create a stream and display the images and downloadable documents on the fly rather than with a full path. Does this make sense? :-)

I am using the C#/.NET AWS SDK.

Looking forward to hear about any ideas and directions pointed to!

public FileStream GetFile(string keyName) { using (client = new AmazonS3Client(Amazon.RegionEndpoint.USEast2)) { GetObjectRequest request = new GetObjectRequest { BucketName = bucketName, Key = keyName }; using (GetObjectResponse response = client.GetObject(request)) using (Stream responseStream = response.ResponseStream) using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(responseStream)) { // The following outputs the content of my text file: Console.WriteLine(reader.ReadToEnd()); // Do some magic to return content as a stream } } }


In .NET 4, you can use Stream.CopyTo to copy the content of the ResponseStream (that is a Amazon.Runtime.Internal.Util.MD5Stream) to a MemoryStream.

GetObjectResponse getObjRespone = client.GetObject(Bucket, objectName); MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream(); getObjRespone.ResponseStream.CopyTo(stream); return stream;

Where client.GetObject(Bucket, objectName) is an alternative to calling GetObject with the request you are creating.


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