Sony Xperia Z Tablet not found by adb

I recently got a sony xperia z tabled and would like to deploy/debug my xamarin.droid projects on it. What I did: * connected tablet to my dev machine * Enabled the developer options in the devices settings * also enabled usb debugging * then the tablet itself installed drivers on my dev machine and is now recognized by windows explorer and the device manager as "portable device - sony xperia"

So everything seems fine to me. However, when using "adb devices", the device won't show up. Even a system restart, tablet restart and "adb kill-server"&"adb start-server" did not help.

Am I missing anything? Can you please give me any hints what I could check additionally or what the problem might be?

I am running windows 8 x64, just in case that matters.


If you have bought a new phone remember to activate the <strong>developer rights</strong>:

Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number

tap 7 times on Build Number and "developer options" will appear on your settings menu.

I tried this method with my Sony Xperia Compact Z3 and works!


thanks for the replies.

Acually I was too f** stupid to install the usb drivers. When enabling usb debugging on the xperia z device, it asks whether it should install the "pc companion software". I thought klicking "ok" would be sufficient to perform the installation. However, this only mounts the installation software on the pc. So you have to actually manually install that stuff. I am just too stupid. Sry. :)

But RossC was actually right as well: After installing several updates on my xperia, the device still did not show up. Running adb with administrative privileges did the job. :)


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