Why doesn't :active or :focus work on text links in webkit? (safari & chrome)

I think I'm overlooking something, call it a long day, but why isn't this working? The styles found in the "li a:active, li a:focus" persist in Firefox and IE but not webkit. Does webkit only support the :focus pseudo class on form elements?

#footer ul li a { color: #fff; display: block; font-size: 95%; padding: 15px 15px 10px; text-decoration: none; } #footer ul li a:hover { color: #f00; } #footer ul li a:active, #footer ul li a:focus { border-top: 1px #f00 solid; color: #f00; padding-top: 14px; } #footer ul li a:focus:hover { cursor: default; }


The :focus pseudo class is meant for form elements, so the Webkit implementation does not apply it to other elements unless a tabindex attribute is added to the tag. http://nemisj.com/focusable/


Actually, the anchor element not being mouse-focusable is a long-standing bug, see https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26856 for the reference.


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