Javascript Callbacks with Object constructor

Following is a function which creates and object and call the callback (not the exact code but something similar).

myObject = function(callback){ var tmpThis = this; this.accounts = []; tmpThis.accounts[0] = 1; tmpThis.accounts[1] = 2; callback(); } function caller(){ var newMyObject = new myObject(function() { alert(newMyObject.accounts[1]); }); }

newMyObject is undefined inside the callback function. Is there a way I can access it. I read similar questions but none simply explains why.

I can fix it by passing back the created object in a second parameter to the callback function. But I think its a hack rather than the proper way.


You can use this to access the callback in the context of the newly create object, and call to invoke the callback.

myObject = function(callback){ var tmpThis = this; this.accounts = []; tmpThis.accounts[0] = 1; tmpThis.accounts[1] = 2; callback.call(this); } function caller(){ var newMyObject = new myObject(function() { alert(this.accounts[1]); }); }


The call hasn't finished yet. Set it to run in the next cycle:


myObject = function(callback){ var tmpThis = this; tmpThis.accounts = []; tmpThis.accounts[0] = 1; tmpThis.accounts[1] = 2; setTimeout(callback,1); } var newMyObject = new myObject(function() { alert(newMyObject.accounts[0]); });


You could try this:

function Application () { var self = this; myObject = function(callback){ var tmpThis = this; this.accounts = []; tmpThis.accounts[0] = 1; tmpThis.accounts[1] = 2; callback(); }; function caller(){ self.newMyObject = new myObject(function() { alert(self.newMyObject.accounts[1]); }); } }


newMyObject is not aware of newMyObject inside of the parameter which is passed into it. It will be undefined.

In other words, when alert(newMyObject.accounts[1]); is run, newMyObject as defined by new myObject wont exist yet.

newMyObject will be undefined when it is executed by the statement callback();, which runs the following code:

function() { alert(newMyObject.accounts[1]); }

Your callback function is being passed into your myObject function. You can just alert(accounts[1]) from within your myObject function.

The pattern you are attempting to use does not usually take a function callback. Usually you would pass in a object of options, which would serve to customize myObject.

It is not clear what you are trying to do.


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