How to check if every primary key value is being referenced as foreign key in another table

I have two table tb1 and tb2 . id in tb1 is pk and referenced as fk in tb2. I want to know if tb1 has id values as 1,2,3,4,5 and tb2 has fk_values for 1,2,3,4 but doesn't have for pk 5 how can i find this.

tb1 ------ id ------ 1 ------ 2 ------ 3 ------ 4 ------ while tb2 fk_id ------- 1 -- 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 3 --

but table 2 doesn't have values for 4 then how can i find out the 4 value here .

Database to be used is mysql.


To find what's in tb1 but not in tb2 do this:

SELECT tb1.* FROM tb1 LEFT JOIN tb2 ON tb1.id = tb2.fk_id WHERE tb2.fk_id IS NULL

To do it the other way (in tb2 but not in tb1 ), which cannot be in this case because, there is a foreign key, but none the less it might be useful for you later simply switch the two tables

SELECT tb2.* FROM tb2 LEFT JOIN tb1 ON tb1.id = tb2.fk_id WHERE tb1.id IS NULL


use the left join .left join will give you the result that only exists in the left table.which means you must use tb1 left join tb2 like this.

// pick the tb1.id in the result when the fk_id is null. select tb1.id from tb1 left join tb2 on tb1.id = tb2.fk_id where tb2.fk_id is null;


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