how to show new added columns in database in yii framework?

i added two new columns in my db table, and then i defined these new columns in the table model itself, and then, when i called


the two new columns didn't appear in the array output of $model->getAttributes() method call

there's no schema caching set in my configs, any idea how to solve this?, and how am I gonna get the value of the input forms of the new added columns from the front-end if i have a problem in showing off the two newly added columns ?




<?php echo $form->checkBox($model,'INHOUSE',array("id"=>"inhouse","value"=>1, "uncheckValue"=>0));?> <?php echo $form->checkBox($model,'OUTHOUSE',array("id"=>"outhouse","value"=>1, "uncheckValue"=>0));?>

//controller update action

i tried to save the value of the INHOUSE and OUTHOUSE didn't get saved when i do

$model->attributes = $_POST['users']; $model->save();


$model->INHOUSE = $_POST['users']['INHOUSE']; $model->OUTHOUSE = $_POST['users']['OUTHOUSE']; $model->save;

any ideas how to solve all those problems?


1-Can you insert data directly into your DB on those columns? 2-Can you view those columns on the admin view or on any other view? 3-Can you retrieve those values using a getColumn method?

If not, try this:

Make sure that you have the new columns specified in your model and view


public function attributeLabels() { return array( 'id' => 'ID', // example 'new_column' => 'New Column', ... ); }

You should also check from TOP to bottom and as a good practice you should also type this on the top of the model

* @property integer $id //example * @property data_type $new_column ...

Then to view your new columns you need to add them to the necessary views.



$this->widget('zii.widgets.CDetailView', array( 'data'=>$model, 'attributes'=>array( 'id', 'new_column', ...

If you have your model with all these definitions you should be able to retrieve those values from the DB, re-check any custom functions that you may have.


Please goto to : protected/runtime folder and delete all files. And try again.


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