Running a C# exe file


Why does my .NET application crash when run from a network drive?


Can someone help me? For a school project, I wrote a C# windows application in Visual Studio 2005. It works just fine, no problems. I want to be able to share this program with others in my department at work. So, I copied the exe file to a network drive. When we attempt to run the exe from the network, it fails with "name of progrm...has encountered a problem and needs to close". If I have the co-worker copy the exe file to their c:\ drive then attempt to run, it works. Why won't my program run from the network drive?



.NET by default does not allow applications to be run off a network drive. Either copy it to a local drive or alter the security settings for .NET.

This discussion should give you what you need.


Microsoft has finally realised that the default behavior of preventing applications from running off a network drive is wrong. From The .NET 3.5 SP1 download page:

"Additionally, managed applications that are opened from network shares have the same behavior as native applications by running with full trust."

This change is long overdue: there is virtually no security benefit in preventing managed applications running from a network share, since a hacker could just as easily use an unmanaged application.


Take a look at this article that discusses how to get a .NET application to work executed from a network: http://www.west-wind.com/WebLog/posts/275.aspx


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