passing sparse arrays from matlab to Eigen (C++) and back to matlab?

The following is a mex code that multiplies dense arrays g and G from matlab using Eigen. How do I do this when g is sparse?

#include <iostream> #include <Eigen/Dense> #include "mex.h" using Eigen::MatrixXd; using namespace Eigen; /*gateway function*/ void mexFunction( int nlhs, mxArray *plhs[], int nrhs, const mxArray *prhs[]) { int nRows=(int)mxGetM(prhs[0]); int nCols=nRows; double* g=mxGetPr(prhs[0]); double* Gr=mxGetPr(prhs[1]); Map<MatrixXd> gmap (g, nRows, nCols ); Map<MatrixXd> Grmap (Gr, nRows, nCols ); plhs[0] = mxCreateDoubleMatrix(nRows, nCols, mxREAL); Map<MatrixXd> resultmap (mxGetPr(plhs[0]), nRows, nCols); resultmap = gmap*Grmap; }


You can use these functions to pass sparse (compressed) double matrix between MATLAB and Eigen* :

#include "mex.h" #include <Eigen/Sparse> #include <type_traits> #include <limits> using namespace Eigen; typedef SparseMatrix<double,ColMajor,std::make_signed<mwIndex>::type> MatlabSparse; Map<MatlabSparse > matlab_to_eigen_sparse(const mxArray * mat) { mxAssert(mxGetClassID(mat) == mxDOUBLE_CLASS, "Type of the input matrix isn't double"); mwSize m = mxGetM (mat); mwSize n = mxGetN (mat); mwSize nz = mxGetNzmax (mat); /*Theoretically fails in very very large matrices*/ mxAssert(nz <= std::numeric_limits< std::make_signed<mwIndex>::type>::max(), "Unsupported Data size." ); double * pr = mxGetPr (mat); MatlabSparse::StorageIndex* ir = reinterpret_cast<MatlabSparse::StorageIndex*>(mxGetIr (mat)); MatlabSparse::StorageIndex* jc = reinterpret_cast<MatlabSparse::StorageIndex*>(mxGetJc (mat)); Map<MatlabSparse> result (m, n, nz, jc, ir, pr); return result; } mxArray* eigen_to_matlab_sparse(const Ref<const MatlabSparse,StandardCompressedFormat>& mat) { mxArray * result = mxCreateSparse (mat.rows(), mat.cols(), mat.nonZeros(), mxREAL); const MatlabSparse::StorageIndex* ir = mat.innerIndexPtr(); const MatlabSparse::StorageIndex* jc = mat.outerIndexPtr(); const double* pr = mat.valuePtr(); mwIndex * ir2 = mxGetIr (result); mwIndex * jc2 = mxGetJc (result); double * pr2 = mxGetPr (result); for (mwIndex i = 0; i < mat.nonZeros(); i++) { pr2[i] = pr[i]; ir2[i] = ir[i]; } for (mwIndex i = 0; i < mat.cols() + 1; i++) { jc2[i] = jc[i]; } return result; }

    Reading and writing MATLAB/Octave sparse matrix adopted from here.

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    Thanks to @chtz for their recommendations.

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