Shallow update not allowed (git > 1.9)

There are a lot of answers stating that git 1.9 removes limitations of shallow clones. Nevertheless, I'm using 2.6.1 and still having the following basic issue:

First, I create an empty repo somewhere:

cd /tmp mkdir target cd target git init

Then, I shallow clone some repo and add the above repo as remote:

cd /tmp git clone --depth 1 git@github.com:muennich/urxvt-perls.git cd urxvt-perls git remote add target /tmp/target

Finally, I push this repo to the remote:

git push target master

But then I get:

! [remote rejected] master -> master (shallow update not allowed) error: failed to push some refs to '/tmp/target'

What am I missing here?


I'm answering my own question.

I tried going the other way around and adding urxvt-perls as a remote for target, then fetching from there. This fails because of the same reason but led me closer to a solution. From the git-fetch man:

--update-shallow By default when fetching from a shallow repository, git fetch refuses refs that require updating .git/shallow. This option updates .git/shallow and accept such refs.

Now, using this option allows the shallow fetch. So the previous question becomes: Is it possible to specify that --update-shallow behavior while pushing? Well, there is an option for that:

receive.shallowupdate If set to true, .git/shallow can be updated when new refs require new shallow roots. Otherwise those refs are rejected.

I'm still trying to set this in github and the likes, though.


Use git merge --squash.

If your remote is shallow and you want to merge from it, compress that merge into a single commit without the need to copy a history of commits (which shallow refs hide).


Well on Linux repo server... this

git config --local --add receive.shallowUpdate true

resulted in this being added to the repo config file.

[receive] shallowUpdate = true

So maybe if you can add that to the repo config file.


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