Knitr HTML Loop - Some HTML output, some R output

i want to loop through a list and and print some part of it in HTML and some as Code. So be more precise: I want to produce the same output this is creating

<h2> 1 is a great number </h2> <!--begin.rcode echo=FALSE print(rnorm(5,mean=1)) end.rcode--> <h2> 2 is a great number </h2> <!--begin.rcode echo=FALSE print(rnorm(5,mean=2)) end.rcode--> ... <h2> x is a great number </h2>

I managed to print the 's to HTML but the results are printed directly in HTML as well, with the following Chunk:

<!--begin.rcode, echo=FALSE, results = 'asis' for (i in list(1,2)){ cat("<h2>", i, "is a great number</h2>") print(rnorm(5,mean=i)) } end.rcode-->

Would be very happy about all suggestions.

P.S.: The reason why i want to have the formatting is that knirtBootstrap then produces a very nice Output.


Hello again Floo0 an other solution using two .Rhtml files. The first one, mainfile.Rhtml, calls the second one as many time you want. In stepfile.Rhtml you can put chunks as you want. You just have to compile mainfile.Rhtml.

## mainfile.Rhtml <!--begin.rcode echo=FALSE J <- 10 end.rcode--> <!--begin.rcode include=FALSE out <- NULL for (i in 1:J) { out <- c(out, knit_child('stepfile.Rhtml')) } end.rcode--> <!--rinline paste(out, collapse = '\n') --> ## stepfile.Rhtml <!--begin.rcode echo=FALSE, results='asis' cat("<h2>", i, "is a great number</h2>") end.rcode--> <!--begin.rcode echo=FALSE print(rnorm(5,mean=i)) end.rcode-->

I took the idea from Dynamic number of calls to a chunk with knitr


With something like this :

<!--begin.rcode, echo=FALSE, results = 'asis' for (i in list(1,2)){ cat("<h2>", i, "is a great number</h2>") cat("</pre></div>") cat("<div class='output'><pre class='knitr r'>") cat("## ") print(rnorm(5,mean=i)) cat("</pre></div>") } end.rcode-->

Does it help?


I think this is a bad hack but you can do:

<!-- begin.rcode setup, include=FALSE tmpl <- '<!-- begin.rcode tmpl-label-%d, print(rnorm(5,mean=i)) \nend.rcode-->' end.rcode--> <!--begin.rcode echo=FALSE, results='asis' for (i in 1:2) { cat("<h2>", i, "is a great number</h2>") cat(knit(text=sprintf(tmpl, i), quiet=TRUE)) } end.rcode-->


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