Pass a Parameter object (PSCredential) inside a ScriptBlock programmatically in C#

I am trying to run an HPC cmdlet programmatically to change HPC install credential on a remote computer. If run the cmdlet locally, it's pretty straightforward:

Runspace rs = GetPowerShellRunspace(); rs.Open(); Pipeline pipeline = rs.CreatePipeline(); PSCredential credential = new PSCredential(domainAccount, newPassword); Command cmd = new Command("Set-HpcClusterProperty"); cmd.Parameters.Add("InstallCredential", credential); pipeline.Commands.Add(cmd); Collection<PSObject> ret = pipeline.Invoke();

However, if I want to do the same thing with remote PowerShell, I need to run Invoke-Command and pass in the credential to the ScriptBlock inside the Command. How can I do that? It might look something like this, except I need to pass in the credential as an object binded to the InstallCredential parameter inside the ScriptBlock instead of a string:

Pipeline pipeline = rs.CreatePipeline(); PSCredential credential = new PSCredential(domainAccount, newPassword); pipeline.Commands.AddScript(string.Format( CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, "Invoke-Command -ComputerName {0} -ScriptBlock {{ Set-HpcClusterProperty -InstallCredential {1} }}", nodeName, credential)); Collection<PSObject> ret = pipeline.Invoke();


I would continue to use AddCommand for Invoke-Command (instead of AddScript). Add the parameters for Invoke-Command and when you get to Scriptblock parameter, make sure the scriptblock defines a param() block e.g.:

{param($cred) Set-HpcClusterProperty -InstallCredential $cred}

Then add the ArgumentList parameter to the Invoke-Command command and set the value to the credential you have created.


powershell.AddCommand("Set-Variable"); powershell.AddParameter("Name", "cred"); powershell.AddParameter("Value", Credential); powershell.AddScript(@"$s = New-PSSession -ComputerName '" + serverName + "' -Credential $cred"); powershell.AddScript(@"$a = Invoke-Command -Session $s -ScriptBlock {" + cmdlet + "}"); powershell.AddScript(@"Remove-PSSession -Session $s"); powershell.AddScript(@"echo $a");

Where Credential is the c# PSCredential object

I use this, maybe it can help you.


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